BMG-Baumgart - Individual measuring technique for temperature and pressure

Specialist for Bimetal thermometers, PT-100, pressure control and pressure reducers (manometers)


An der Bega 28
D - 32657 Lemgo

Phone: +49 52 61 - 25 81-0
Fax: +49 52 61 - 25 81-33


Logo service



We print each logo in each colour on the scale.



For best results we need as a pattern a clean sheet of letter with your trade mark or the logo in format with the ending *.eps or *.ai and your drawing, where and what you want us to print on the scale.


We sketch a sample for you on request.



We compute the drafts and the plate costs after expenditure. This costs we charge only once per logo or / and scale . The costs are about 95,- to 170,- EUR per plate, sometimes more. The costs per sketches are after expenditure.


Colour selection

By using our colour mixing system we are able to manufacture each special colour nuance, also gold, red gold and silver.


For mixed colours we charge 52 EUR uniquely.


We would be pleased to give you an individual offer.

Express service!

Mehr Infos zum Express-Service...

  are possible
  within a few

Logo service!

Mehr Infos zum Logo-Service...

  We print each
  company logo and
  each colour on the
  indicator scale.