BMG-Baumgart - Individual measuring technique for temperature and pressure

Specialist for Bimetal thermometers, PT-100, pressure control and pressure reducers (manometers)

Express service


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Express service



Sometimes there are special requests for a very short delivery time.


Our highly flexible and engaged team will realize the shortest possible delivery time. Please ask for our express production service.


Our high-speed service is also „refreshingly different„ especially when the ordered goods should preferably have been delivered „the day before yesterday„. .


Some of our product range or thermowells can be manufactured within two or three hours. We will send it by special express courier on request.


For this outstanding service we´ll charge you extra costs according to the expenditure but minimum 25 EUR per order.


If you order products from our stock before noon, we deliver the same day without more costs.


Express service!

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Logo service!

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  We print each
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