BMG-Baumgart - Individual measuring technique for temperature and pressure

Specialist for Bimetal thermometers, PT-100, pressure control and pressure reducers (manometers)

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Pressure Regulators / Manometers


Pressure Regulator Ø 125
(Type 24/01-01,Type 24/01-02,Type 24/01-03)

Pressure regulator

For compressed air, upstream pressure max. 32 bar, downstream pressure 0.25 bar


Data sheet [pdf]

Pressure Regulator 36 x32
(Type 24/03-03,Type 24/03-04,Type 24/03-05)

Pressure regulator

For compressed air and inert gases, upstream pressure max. 10 bar, downstream pressure 0.02 - 4 bar


Data sheet [pdf]

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